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To ensure the highest standards of quality, freshness and taste, our catch from the Abrolhos Islands is prepared, packed and frozen just a stone’s throw from the water’s edge at our newly completed premises. And because it’s naturally tender, there’s no need to tenderise our Abrolhos Octopus before cooking.

Fresh raw Western Rock Octopus tentacles are frozen and vacuum packed in two sizes for wholesalers and retailers, and can be shipped worldwide. Our minimum order is one pallet, however, smaller quantities are available via our local distributors. Please contact us for more information about our wholesale octopus price.

Abrolhos Octopus is now also available cooked and ready to effortlessly turn into chef-quality dishes, available in 300g vacuum packs of medallions or tentacles – ready to be shipped worldwide.


300g cooked and frozen octopus tentacles and medallions.
Tentacles available in a 6kg carton containing 20 x 300g packs.
Medallions available in a 9kg carton containing 30 x 300g packs.

Abrolhos Octopus 5kg Box
Abrolhos Octopus Pack


1kg frozen raw octopus tentacles. Available in a 5kg carton containing 5 x 1kg packs.

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Abrolhos Octopus 15kg Pack
Abrolhos Octopus 15kg Open Pack


Graded – Headless – Blast Frozen Block


These are our core products. We’re always developing new product lines and we’d be happy to talk about any products that can meet your needs, like marinated, whole, bulk or even by-products.

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Abrolhos Octopus FAQs

Frozen octopus is the generic term for a complete octopus that’s been caught, harvested and frozen almost immediately. This conserves the quality, freshness and taste. Frozen octopus tentacles refer solely to the limbs of the animal. Most of an octopus is edible, including the tentacles, body and head.
Unfortunately we don’t sell direct to the public yet. If you’re a wholesaler, you can contact us on our website via our contact us page, and we’ll get in touch to discuss your options and delivery. We’re a leading supplier of wholesale octopus tentacles to some of the country’s and the world’s, best restaurants. We freeze and ship our frozen octopus in two sizes for worldwide shipping (the minimum order is one pallet). For smaller quantities, you can purchase from our local distributors.
Our octopus is wild caught from the waters around the Abrolhos Islands in Western Australia. It’s then prepared right in our harbourside custom-built premises. The whole process takes place in-house, meaning we can ensure every batch of our frozen octopus tentacles is of the highest quality and is always tender and delicious.
Abrolhos Octopus is truly versatile, and you can prepare it in many ways. Some favourites include: • Octopus carpaccio drizzled with olive oil and gently flavoured with a balsamic glaze. • Natural grilled octopus tentacles – with perhaps a splash of lemon and a sprinkle of herbs. • Octopus salad – served with tender baby greens, watercress and grated beetroot. • Japanese octopus balls – also known as Takoyaki.
Because our octopus is freshly frozen, it’s safe to keep it in the freezer for around 3-6 months. While it lasts much longer and can be safely consumed past this, we recommend you keep within this timeframe to enjoy our products at their best.
It is. And it’s something that we take extremely seriously. All of our octopuses are wild caught, using the latest eco-certified methods to ensure that there’s no bycatch, no ghost fishing and importantly, no harm to the octopus or other sea life. We fish well below the legally sustainable numbers to ensure the octopus population remains healthy, both now and in the future. We’re also proud to be MSC certified by the Maritime Stewardship Council.
Yes we do, and we’re one of the most sought-after suppliers of the unique Western Rock Octopus to some of the world’s best chefs and restaurants. Our frozen octopus is vacuum packed for travel, ensuring that it arrives with you in the best condition – tender and ready to cook. Unlike other octopus, no tenderising is needed.
Yes, it is. Even better, our custom-built premises are only a stone’s throw from the ocean’s edge. When you purchase wholesale octopus from us, you’re guaranteed the shortest processing time possible from catch to freezer.
Right here, on our website. Our recipes page includes delicious dishes, such as octopus salad with potatoes and green beans, octopus escabeche, BBQ Greek-style octopus, pickled octopus, pan-seared octopus with Italian vegetable salad and more.

If you have any questions, please get in touch